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Emo and proud


- Looci
Age - 17
Location - North East England
Sexuality - Straight, but open-minded

::either/or(give reasoning)::

Cat or Dog - Cat, because for as long as i have been alive, i've always had at least one. I have one called Gulliver right now and i love him.
Black or White - Black, because its really deep and warm.
Guitar, Drums, or Bass - Bass, i play it and i love it.
Mustard or Ketchup - Ketchup, mustard is just gross.
Doritos or Cheetohs - I don't like either... i guess plain doritos would be okay if complemented with a nice dip.
Emo or Rock - I like both, right now i suppose i'm listening to more emo but rock is like the one catagory under which everything falls.
Happy or Sad - I prefer to be happy... who doesn't?
Night or Day - Night, i don't know why... I guess i just feel safer. Also, it's sleep time.
Eyeliner or Eyeshadow - Eyeliner, although i always use a little eyeshadow to smudge my eyeliner under my eye.

::Random Questions::

Why should you be a member of 0h_so_em0? - Face it, you need more members.
What is your social status? - My social status... Hmm... Well, i'm in the middle of everything. I have various friends in different cliques who would be happy for me to sit with them at lunch, yet if my best friend isn't there, i sit alone. I prefer small groups or being alone, so i mainly am alone. But i know i'm popular enough to be accepted and always have people to be with. But still, i'm too shy to do that. 'Outsider' would fit, but i could easily be an 'insider' so... You know, i really don't know.
Theres a little man on your head. What do you do? - Flick him off.
Your imaginary friend shows up at your door pissed at you. Your reaction? - Grab it (it's sexless) and give it a big kiss. How can it stay mad now?


What is your opinion on...
Drugs -
I think they're bad and i chose to not do them because i know people who have been messed up by them. Still, i wont preach to people who choose to do them (i used to and i now realise i can't change their minds, so i avoid the bad emotions and leave them to it).
Abortion - I'm totally pro-choice. Who wants a rapists baby? I would never want anyone to pressure me into a decision, i would always want to choose myself.
The government - After a year studying government and politics at college, i say its BORING. And slightly too elite for my liking (as in elections and the policy-making procedure). This is all the english government though, i don't know much about american politics.
Labels - You want a label to make yourself feel better? Go for it... In the end, they are meaningless, but if you gain some sense of belonging and happiness then i don't want to stop that. Everyone realises how little labels matter in the end.


-x-Atleast One picutre of yourself-x-


Me and my best friend Maddy.

How's this for emo? My band played a wedding and i had to look smart... haha.

Quite possibly the funniest picture i have ever taken...

Lord knows what the camera did here.

My band... you can't see our drummer, Emily, due to the pinky mist, but she rules. Just so you know.

So here is a picture of me and Emily, in the toilets of the place we played the wedding.

Imagine her playing in that dress... haha, cute.

-x-Picture of Something you like-x-

Well, i really like my boyfriend...

A lot.

-x-Random Picture-x-

I hope you don't mind the large amount of photos... but i like them.

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