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Location-(not required)Ohio = \
Sexuality-(not required)Not sure what you're asking here... straight, if you mean sexual orientation, female, if you mean gender.

::either/or(give reasoning)::
Cat or Dog-Dog, because they're a lot more active.
Black or White-Black, white's too bright.
Guitar,Drums,or bass-Ooh, guitar. Acoustic. Cause I play.
Mustard Or Ketchup-Ehh.. neither.. but Ketchup over mustard.
Doritos or Cheetohs-Cheetohs, noisier when you chew.
Emo or rock-Emo ♥ cause it's better.
Happy or sad-Sad usually means more deep.
Night or day-Night because the sky's gorgeous.
eyeliner or eyeshadow-Eyeliner - it's just better.

::Random Questions::
Why should you be a member of 0h_so_em0?-Because you need some active members :P And because the people seem cool&nice and so does the whole community.
What is your social status?-Again not sure what you're asking.. So I'm taking a guess and saying middle class?
Theres a Little man on your head. What do you do?-Let him live in my backpack, and feed him little crackers from time to time.
Your imaginary friend shows up at your door pissed at you. Your reaction?-Slam the door before he can have a chance to hit me again.

What is your opinion on...
Drugs-I don't do them, but I have nothing against people who do do them..
Abortion-Eh.. I don't think it's that nice..
The government-I think it's screwy in some places, and okay in others. I don't have anything against Bush, but I really don't like this war going on.
Labels-Despite my LiveJournal username, I think labels are ridiculous. But you can't escape them, beacuse they're always going to be around, just like stereotypes.

-x-Atleast One picutre of yourself-x-Image hosted by
Image hosted by
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-x-Picture of Something you like-x- My dog =DImage hosted by

-x-Random Picture-x- Image hosted by

Thanks =D


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