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Name- Natalie
Location-niagara falls(im not proud of it)


::either/or(give reasoning)::
Cat or Dog- dog
Black or White-  white
Guitar,Drums,or bass-  guitar
Mustard Or Ketchup-  niether
Doritos or Cheetohs-  cheetohs
Emo or rock-  both.
Happy or sad-sad:[
Night or day- night
eyeliner or eyeshadow- hard...eyeliner...but i like eyeshadow to do funky makeup..sounds cheesy..i kno.

::Random Questions::
Why should you be a member of 0h_so_em0?-    becuase im im just
0h_so_em0...no because i want to be in a community with similar people

What is your social status?-       not popular.....(and proud)

Theres a Little man on your head. What do you do?-    talk to him?..

Your imaginary friend shows up at your door pissed at you. Your reaction?- find a new imaginary friend.

What is your opinion on...
Drugs- i personaly dont like them.they suck ass.
Abortion- i think its wrong to kill a baby.
The government- its fucked up.well actually i dont no about it cus i dont care.
Labels- it depends. i think about labels in 2 ways. either you are emo and u dont tell n e one u r..and not brag about it..or either ur a poseur and u call urself emo to fit in...please dont be #2!

-x-Atleast One picutre of yourself-x-


-x-Picture of Something you like-x-


-x-Random Picture-x-


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