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Name- Stephen Oakes
Age- 16
Location-(not required) Arkansas, USA
Sexuality-(not required) Straight

::either/or(give reasoning)::
Cat or Dog- Cat (Easier to care for
Black or White- Black(looks better with red hair)
Guitar,Drums,or bass- Bass(My instrument of choice)
Mustard Or Ketchup- Mustard(Tastes better)
Doritos or Cheetohs- Doritos( More cheese - crisper)
Emo or rock- Emo(Not as hard)
Happy or sad- Happy(No one likes to be sad...unless the want to to influence creativity)
Night or day- Both(Good time for a party either way)
eyeliner or eyeshadow- Niether(I don't like to alter the way I all)

::Random Questions::
Why should you be a member of 0h_so_em0?- Need a group to join...and this one looks good
What is your social status?- Lovable know it all nerdy professional fat guy of the state
Theres a Little man on your head. What do you do?- Go make some pizza
Your imaginary friend shows up at your door pissed at you. Your reaction?- Invite him in for video games

What is your opinion on...
Drugs-Eh, not for me
Abortion-You gotta do what you gotta do, though it does seem kind of wrong
The government-Sucks balls sometimes

Picture of me: ask for it
Picture of something I like: search google for naked jaco
Picture of something random: Search google for boredwithcamera, maybe you'll find a picture of me. 2 red heads, one with a red tele and one with a bass. I'm the one with the bass.
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