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five vicodin chased with a

*S0 EM0*


::either/or(give reasoning)::
Cat or Dog- Cat, harder to please
Black or White- Black, more things could be there, not just blank, and you have crawl through it blind
Guitar,Drums,or bass- I usually go for the Lead
Mustard Or Ketchup- Don't use either, but Ketchup makes decent film blood
Doritos or Cheetohs- Doritos
Emo or rock- Emo
Happy or sad- Do it melancholy - the pleasure of being sad.
Night or day- Night, with all my friends
eyeliner or eyeshadow- Eyeliner

::Random Questions::
Why should you be a member of 0h_so_em0?- Cos I've been accused of being it enough and I thought the community looked cool
What is your social status?- College Student
Theres a Little man on your head. What do you do?- Ask it for my pot of gold.
Your imaginary friend shows up at your door pissed at you. Your reaction?- How did you get out?

What is your opinion on...
Drugs-Illegal Drugs are bad, mmkay but I have a prescription
Abortion-Pro-life and pro-choice, mom should have the child unless her life is in danger. If she can't raise the kid herself, well, there are a lot of gay couples looking to adopt.
The government-Should be monitored, but not totally galvanized.
Labels-Names on the jars of your history, necessary, but they can also be misleading.

-x-Atleast One picutre of yourself-x-
-x-Picture of Something you like-x-
-x-Random Picture-x-
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